Aftermarket heated seats installation.

Boundary’s carbon fibre heated seat pads are perfect for fitting in virtually any vehicle to do away with the shivers on cold and frosty winters mornings. These are exactly the same product fitted in the factory but we can install them afterwards for a fraction of the cost. Our heated seat installation is fast and competetively priced, they are ideal for customers in Warrington, Wigan, Widnes, Liverpool and Manchester.

  • Heating elements made from carbon fibre.
  • 2 Heat settings give you the perfect comfort setting.
  • Installation kit including wiring and switch included.
  • A unique custom reset switch.
  • Integrated temperature monitor.
  • Fits 99.9% of vehicles.

Highly flexible carbon fibre heating elements are placed on the seat pad and back rest in-between the seat cover and the upholstery without altering the shape of the seat. The heater is connected to a 12-volt power supply with the pre-wired cable and switch placed in a position agreed with the customer. Integrated temperature sensors protect against overheating. The pads can be fitted to any vehicle with a removable cover.

Installation Time

Depending on the options chosen, a single or 2 front seats take half a day whilst for a full car, the installation will take a day. For coach and truck drivers seats, fitting times vary by model but installation is a minimum of half a day.

aftermarket heated seat installation
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heated seat installation liverpool

Got Questions?

Do you have any questions about having heated seats fitted? Give us a call on 01744 813282 and one of our team will be able to help.