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Your van can literally be anything you want it to be with van conversions by Boundary. From simply ply lining the back to adding sound deadening, insulation and carpeting all of the rear of the van to adding rock and roll beds, power inverters to give you plug sockets, custom lighting solutions, expert audio systems tv screens with DVD players and games consoles the options are simply endless and that’s before we talk about the custom upholstery options that we can provide.

With so many options available and all of the vans being different sizes we can’t offer standard pricing and all prices are custom quoted when we discuss your exact requirements with you.

Van Conversion ply lining, soundproofing, insulating and carpeting.

The first set of options open to you when having your van converted are soundproofing, insulating, ply lining and carpeting. There is a range of soundproofing options from Dynamat the market leader in vehicle audio deadening products depending on exactly what you’re requirements are, some customers have over the wheel arches sound proofed whilst others have all panels deadened to stop all manners of rattles, creaks and road noise.

If you are planning to stay in the vehicle overnight or for any length of time on cold days then it would make sense to have the vehicle insulated. Using a material similar to fibreglass between the panel and the ply lining will keep some of the heat in the vehicle and also deaden some of the external noise which is perfect when used over the top of the dynamat sound deadening.

The team are able to ply line the rear of any vehicle including creating bulkheads to split the van into sections and can carpet the whole of the rear of the van once lined in an audio carpet to give it a luxurious feel.


Sound and Vision for your van conversion

The next set of options are around your sound and multimedia choices. From Kenwood head units to audio upgrades from Audison and Hertz we can custom design your sound system around what you are going to use the van for. Multimedia options include screens fitted to the rear of headrests, drop down screens with integrated DVD Player and full-size televisions. We can also add DVD players and games consoles into the systems as well.

Lighting the Van Conversions

We have a range of lighting available when we carry out a van conversion. We can install low power bright LED’s in the roof lining or build in a frame onto which we add led strip lights where you can choose the colour off a remote control of have the colour scroll through on various different time options. We can also build a number of different shaped mirrored lighting features to give the van roof a vaulted look as per the images below.

Roof Lighting
Van conversion LED Lighting

Power options in our van conversions

If you would like power to run appliances or charge phones via USB then a leisure battery and inverter installation are a worthwhile consideration. Our team can fit charging relays for leisure batteries and inverters to give you all the power you need. The number of sockets whether they be 3 pins or USB and their placement within the van is upto you.

Sleeping arrangements

We can supply and fit a rock and roll bed to give you a seat during the day and a bed at night or we can custom build seating with storage underneath with a backrest that slides into the middle to turn it into a bed. The best part is the seat pads and back rests can all be custom covered in cloth or leather in your choice of colours and materials including perforated leather, Alcantara and custom hand stitched quilting for that luxury look.

Van conversions inbuilt seating options
Van conversions inbuilt seating options
Inbuilt van seating being built up
Inbuilt van seating being built up
Inbuilt seating view from outside the van conversion
Inbuilt seating view from outside the van conversion
Van conversions in-built seating options
Finished seating, pay attention to the extra back piece at the far end
Built in van seating formed corner
Built in van seating formed corner
In-built seating converted into a bed by moving 1 piece
In-built seating converted into a bed by moving 1 piece
Back to inbuilt seating being covered in custom quilted leather
Back to inbuilt seating being covered in custom quilted leather

Custom handcrafted van upholstery

Our skilled craftsmen can produce a custom vehicle interior for you from a wide range of materials and colours. We produce interiors in both Leather and Cloth using Alcantara, perforated or standard leather hides we can cover seats in single colours or use contrasting panels in different colours and materials and add some hand stitched quilting for that real luxury feel to your vehicle’s interior. Front and rear seats will match and we can also cover door cards to match too. Take a look at our custom vehicle interiors here for further information

Use embroidery to really make it unique

Our embroiderers can digitise any logo or text from business logos to vehicle manufacturer logos, sports teams literally any image you wish to use and then embroider them into the headrests, seat backs, armrests or any other material including carpets and floor mats. Embroidery really is a discussion you want to have with us when having your van converted.

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